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Leather and Suede: What's the Difference?

Real leather and suede - processed from animals. Leather clothing traced back 50,000 years. Suede became a by-product of leather. Oil tanning started in the 14th century. Still popular today. Leather tanning was used for tepee housing.

What are Hobo Purses?

Hobo purses are an accessory for any occasion. Has a slouchy bohemian look. They channel the hippie look from the 60's. Now they are made to look glamorous. Hobos are for all seasons and styles. They come in many colors and designs.

Lightweight Luggage or Suitcases? Top 4 factors to Consider

Myluggage focus on the importance of lightweight luggage and suitcases. It also brings forward the things to consider for getting travel accessories.

Vegan Leather and Suede, Better for Animals?

Wearing real leather is a hot topic. Animal rights groups are against killing live animals for their hides, many of which are taken from the womb before they take a breath. Non-vegan leather is luxurious and only comes from young animals. Tanning of leather is environmentally toxic.

Feel Beautiful With The Couture Fashion Houses

Just like we have flowers, we have people. Flowers is the common term that we make use of for all the different kind of flowers we have, similarly for human beings, we have people with different color, shapes, sizes and different features.

Online shopping: The final frontier for men versus women?

With the online shopping business becoming a billion-dollar industry, a lot of research goes into the customer mindset. Such research has revealed that men and women differ vastly in their browsing patterns as well as shopping habits.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Old Handbag and Get a Hobo Bag!

Think about all of your purses in your closet. I'm sure you get tired of them after a while. Maybe it's time to think about buying hobo bags for your wardrobe. They're comfortable, extremely sizable, incredibly fashionable and most everyone has at least one. So many different styles and colors.

Have You Heard Of Hobo Purses?

Origin of Hobo Purses, status and high fashion, women know trends and what is in season. Hobo purses are used by students and athletes as well. Hobo purse is extremely versatile and fashionable. There is a Hobo Purse for everyone's unique style and spirit.

High End Fashion - Check How To Grab The Same

When it comes to look good, confident and impressive, there is nothing better than wearing awesome dress.

Susanna BH - The Most Famous Designer for Luxury Dresses

We can easily check out lots of amazing and experienced designers around us, but few of them are completely different and incomparable.