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Learning Hadoop with Python Can Bag You a Desired Job with Reputed Enterprises!

There is no doubt accepting that Hadoop is mostly written in Java language but this doesn't mean anyway excluding the use of other programming languages. Hadoop acts like a distributed storage and processing framework and especially Python is highly recommended to use with it.

Furthering computer education through CITC franchise

Chandigarh Institute of Technology and Consultancy (CITC) offers students an opportunity to pursue computer education. It also offers interested investors a chance to witness profit without too much investment and effort through its free computer center franchise in India. Interested individuals.

Big Data Solution to Improve Roaming Quality

Travelers want flawless connection whenever they are in roaming and need services that they can customize as per their choice. There is a need for integrating predictive analytics travel solution and Roaming Management system to know usage pattern of subscribers and retain the service.