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Video Analytics with Hadoop

Data is widely available in two forms, known as structured and unstructured. Considering the present scenario where huge amount of data is flooded every minute, everything about big data video analytics needs to be understood.

Learning Hadoop with Python Can Bag You a Desired Job with Reputed Enterprises!

There is no doubt accepting that Hadoop is mostly written in Java language but this doesn't mean anyway excluding the use of other programming languages. Hadoop acts like a distributed storage and processing framework and especially Python is highly recommended to use with it.

How Machine Learning Is Benefitting Big Data Analytics?

In Machine Learning We Do Advance Level Of Data Analysis. The Algorithms In Machine Learning Keep Updating And They Keep On Learning From The Data Which Is Available To Them. It Is The Same Thing Like When A Computer Want To Achieve A Particular Target Then It Has To Go Through Lots Of Permutation.

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