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Importance Of Parenting Tips Of An Educationist Parenting Expert

Gone are those days when people paid no attention to the art of ‘parenting’. The reason behind this maybe is that the parents were not very concerned about the future of their wards due to much lower levels of competition.

How to imbibe perseverance in students for solving problems

The Common Core Standards of Mathematics traced certain mathematical exercises that students should develop in class. The first exercise is to let them make sense of the problems and persevere while solving them.

How to make your classroom stress free - 5 easy steps

Children who are in a state of emotional distress are incapable of learning. Moreover students with considerably lower levels of stress or anxiety are also equally affected.

How to Be a Positive Parent - A Few Tips

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys in the world. Being a parent comes with huge responsibilities. Often times you are faced with a situation where you don’t know what to do; as there are no right or wrong answers, but even if there are, we all still make mistakes.

Presidium is The Right School for Your Child!

Someone has very aptly said that a good teacher is a doctor who heals ignorance and an artist who inspires creativity.