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Have You Heard Of Hobo Purses?

Are you in the market for a new handbag, or purse? All out of ideas and don’t know what to get to match your various outfits? Have you gone to store after store only to be disappointed with the selection? I get it, some purses are too big, some are too small, and some are totally and completely useless. I’d like to introduce you to the world of hobo purses. Never heard of a hobo purse? Oh really? Well let me tell you a little bit about them.

Hobo purses are a style of purse that is large enough to fit everything you need, your makeup, your phone, your keys, your wallet. As I said, everything you need. It’s shaped like a half moon crescent and has a long slouch that is worn over the shoulder. They are extremely comfortable and made from soft and flexible materials. There are dozens of styles and shapes and these as a fashion accessory have exploded in popularity in the recent years.

So where did hobo purses get their name? Remember those bags on a stick that would represent a “hobo” in old school Mickey Mouse cartoons? That’s where. They are named that because it is catchy and loosely related in shape and sag to those bags from our old childhood memories on television!

Despite the name, hobo bags represent status and high fashion and demonstrate that a woman is with the times and knows what’s trendy and in season. Top designers in the industry like Louis Vitton, Gucci, and Nine West are all selling hobo purses and everyone is fighting to get their hands on one!

While the original HOBO was designed in 1991 on Toni Ray’s dining room table, it wasn’t until the late 2000s when hobo bags started picking up in popularity. People started to realize not only did they provide ample comfort, offer incredible spaciousness, they also were very fashionable and light as well!

Hobo purses quickly swept the market and they became replacements for all sorts of bags. While some women may use a hobo style bag as their purse, It’s not uncommon to find students using hobo bags as their school book bag, or even athletes using hobo bags as their gym equipment bag.

As you can see, the hobo bag is extremely versatile, and extremely fashionable. The hobo bag is in style. Have you been catching up on the latest trends in women’s handbags and accessories? Do you have your own hobo purse? If not, there’s no reason not for you to grab one. There are many kinds and they come in all shapes and colors of the rainbow, including all different sorts of fabric. There isn’t a hobo bag out there that isn’t for everyone’s unique style and spirit. If you’re considering getting a hobo bag but are unsure, trust me on this one: you will never, ever, ever regret getting a hobo bag. Once you get one, all your friends will want one too, so be prepared to tell them where you got it!


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Sally Hamilton

Sally Hamilton

Sally Hamilton retired from the business world after 41 years as an administrator and Human Resource Manager. Now, she is focusing on the ever-growing fashion world. She is writing articles on different clothing and accessories to submit to sites. Sally has always been an advocate against animal cruelty and hopes that consumers will buy vegan leather and suede to fill their wardrobe instead of buying leather clothing that was made from the killing of live animals. Her website is devoted to vegan hobo purses.

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