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Top 4 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Old Handbag and Get a Hobo Bag!

Thinking of getting a new handbag or purse? Tired of your old one? Does it not hold enough of your belongings? Is it uncomfortable, too heavy, or just a regular pain to lug around everywhere? Well, if any of this resonates with you In any way shape or form, then you owe it to yourself to get a hobo bag.

Just why should you get a hobo bag? Here are the Top 4 reasons why you should ditch your old, possibly even out of style handbag or purse and get a hobo bag!

1. They’re Comfortable.

Hobo bags are extremely comfortable, named after the hobos you would see on your favorite cartoons growing up, they were usually made from a light fabric cloth and had a loose, low sling that allowed the hobo bag to rest lightly on the shoulder and lower to the ground, making it easier to balance. In other words, no more tired shoulders, no more switching hands, no more "Can you hold my purse?" Comfort alone is a good enough reason to get a hobo bag.

2. Hobo Bags are Often Extremely Sizable.

Some are even extra-large to allow you to fit all your precious belongings and things you just know you can't live without at any point of the day, whether it be your sunglasses, a compact, your lunch, your car keys, your phone, your wallet…. I'm assuming you're beginning to get the point here. Basically your hobo bag will fit everything you need in it, providing you purchase the right size for your daily needs. Keep in mind that you want to stay comfortable and you probably wouldn't want to put your puppy in there because it might get too heavy.

3. Hobo Bags are in Style and They Are Incredibly Fashionable.

Most everyone has one. Take a look around. No matter the season or occasion, there is a hobo bag that matches perfectly and with style and grace. Hobo bags are here to stay due to their comfort and spacious design including being a lovely fashion accessory that doubles as necessity, holding all your belongings in the storage space of the bag.

4. There is a Hobo Bag for Everyone.

Finally, because hobo bags come in so many different variations and styles, shapes and sizes, big or small, there is a hobo bag for everyone and nobody will need to feel like these purses “aren’t for them” or “not right for the occasion”-- that’s totally false. Many women have multiple hobo bags of multiple sizes and choose them according to what they intend to do on that day and what they need to carry.

In conclusion, there’s simply no reason not to get a hobo bag. They've been around since the 18th Century. Let’s face it, comfort is important. When you can be stylish and comfortable, you’ve found a real winner and you should flaunt it wherever you go and whenever you would like. Grab yourself a hobo bag, and step into the world of fashion and comfort fusion combined completely.


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Sally Hamilton

Sally Hamilton retired from the business world after 41 years as an administrator and Human Resource Manager. Now, she is focusing on the ever-growing fashion world. She is writing articles on different clothing and accessories to submit to sites. Sally has always been an advocate for animal cruelty and hopes that consumers will buy vegan leather and suede to fill their wardrobe instead of buying leather clothing that was made from the killing of live animals. Her website is devoted to vegan hobo purses.

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