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What are Hobo Purses?

Hobo purses are an ideal accessory for any woman and any occasion. Called ‘hobo’ because it’s supposed to emulate the style of a bundle on a stick that people have come to associate with ‘hobos’. The style of hobo handbag is becoming more and more popular, due to the easiness of wear, the versatility of the bag and the size. Often bigger than a normal purse, the hobo bag is capable of holding quite a lot yet thanks to the soft material that it’s made from it will never look too full or over-stuffed. It’s incredibly easy to wear and most women often forget they are wearing one!

Generally made from soft leather or suede, this fabric is essential in creating the ‘slouchy’ look that is so popular for bohemian or more laid-back styles. When placed on a table or the floor, the bag will slouch in on itself, so it doesn’t stand up and remain as stiff as most other bags. Due to the materials that a hobo bag is made from, the bag will also remain in this slouchy pose even while hanging on a shoulder. Quite often, the straps on a hobo purse will be adjustable, meaning that the wearer can adjust it to a length that is comfortable for them. This also makes them incredibly popular as they are suited for women of all shapes and sizes.

They are the ultimate must-have accessory if you are trying to channel the bohemian look made famous by celebrities like Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins and many others at festivals like Coachella. The basic idea behind the bohemian look is channelling the hippie look of the 60’s. The desire to look like you’ve stepped right out of the summer of love. This chilled out, laid-back vibe is perfect for the summer seasons, BBQs and festivals as it is low maintenance while still looking gorgeous and glamorous.

If this is the kind of look you would like to start channeling, then the hobo purse is a great place to start. It works well with summer dresses, maxi skirts, jeans or loose fitting trousers. If you are after a slightly more grown up and classy look, these bags also work with skinny suit trousers and fitted tops and blouses. They work well with heels, flats and boots which makes them the ultimate versatile accessory.

At we stock a wide range of hobo purses in a variety of colors and designs. If you’re looking to unleash your inner hippie, or are after a more classic look you are sure to find the perfect style for you. We also offer a reversible bag which makes your look even more variable as you switch designs or colors up to suit your outfit, activity or mood! Have a look and find your perfect hobo purse today – release your inner hippie!


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Sally Hamilton

Sally Hamilton

Sally Hamilton retired from the business world after 41 years as an administrator and Human Resource Manager. Now, she is focusing on the ever-growing fashion world. Sally has always been an advocate for animal cruelty and hopes that consumers will buy vegan leather and suede to fill their wardrobe instead of buying leather clothing that was made from the killing of live animals. Her website is devoted to vegan hobo purses.

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