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Leather and Suede: What's the Difference?

Real leather and suede - processed from animals. Leather clothing traced back 50,000 years. Suede became a by-product of leather. Oil tanning started in the 14th century. Still popular today. Leather tanning was used for tepee housing.

What are Hobo Purses?

Hobo purses are an accessory for any occasion. Has a slouchy bohemian look. They channel the hippie look from the 60's. Now they are made to look glamorous. Hobos are for all seasons and styles. They come in many colors and designs.

Vegan Leather and Suede, Better for Animals?

Wearing real leather is a hot topic. Animal rights groups are against killing live animals for their hides, many of which are taken from the womb before they take a breath. Non-vegan leather is luxurious and only comes from young animals. Tanning of leather is environmentally toxic.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Old Handbag and Get a Hobo Bag!

Think about all of your purses in your closet. I'm sure you get tired of them after a while. Maybe it's time to think about buying hobo bags for your wardrobe. They're comfortable, extremely sizable, incredibly fashionable and most everyone has at least one. So many different styles and colors.

Have You Heard Of Hobo Purses?

Origin of Hobo Purses, status and high fashion, women know trends and what is in season. Hobo purses are used by students and athletes as well. Hobo purse is extremely versatile and fashionable. There is a Hobo Purse for everyone's unique style and spirit.

History of Women's Fashion

The 18th Century became an icon within the historical past of style and fashion. The 1920's brought the straight skirt along with the flared skirt. The 1940's style was dominated by the Americans. The early 1970's fashion world was dominated by France and Spain.

Hats Are Here To Stay

Hats are back in fashion. Hat history 101. Women starting wearing hats in the 1830's. 1900's brought more fashionable hats. Hats disappeared after WWII. 21st Century and hats came back with a vengeance. Hats are being worn all year long. Hats are trendy and fashionable.

Facts and Fun About Shoes

Centuries ago, men started wearing heels. King Edward II declared shoe size based on length of barleycorn. Dorothy's red slippers brought a high price. The left and right-footed shoe was invented. Footwear during the Great Depression and footwear worn after World War II. 20th Century Shoes.

Nearly Six Decades and Still Going Strong

Dr. Martens shoes and boots have been distinctive and have not changed much in almost 60 years. Air-cushioned soles for Dr. Martens were introduced in 1960. The working man and youth rebellion of the sixties all wore Dr. Martens. The 1980's brought a decline in popularity..

Six Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Own

Many of us have stood in our closets agonizing over what to wear at some point in our lives. Some of us experience that feeling on a regular basis, even though our closet may be packed with trendy pieces. It may be this focus on trendy items only that makes us have this feeling.

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Sally Hamilton retired from the business world after 41 years as an administrator and Human Resource Manager. Now, she is focusing on the ever-growing fashion world. She is writing articles on different clothing and accessories to submit to sites. Sally has always been an advocate for animal cruelty and hopes that consumers will buy vegan leather and suede to fill their wardrobe instead of buying leather clothing that was made from the killing of live animals. Her website is devoted to vegan hobo purses.