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Autumn-Winter Fashion, Desi Style

The fall is here ya’all! Though summer comes with promises of fun, outdoors, beaches, vacations and mangoes (off course), the fall-winter time has a charm of its own. It brings with it cups of hot coffees, teas, cocoa, warm and fluffy sweaters and days under the blankets reading away.

Online shopping: The final frontier for men versus women?

With the online shopping business becoming a billion-dollar industry, a lot of research goes into the customer mindset. Such research has revealed that men and women differ vastly in their browsing patterns as well as shopping habits.

She’s A Biker and She Rocks

Biking is an activity that has mostly been seen as a man’s indulgence. Society, social media etc. tend to uphold this often and, while not ostracized, favors women who don’t opt for it.

Myntra Colleagues Enjoy Bonding Through Office Bikers Club

The world of motorcycle biking is a world apart. From a mere hobby it has become a professional world, with rules, gear and branding.

Myntra Begins the New Year at a new Office

A New Year symbolizes a new beginning, a fresh new start. It’s a time to make big changes in order to achieve something bigger. Some changes, while daunting at first, are stepping stones to the world.

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