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Myntra Colleagues Enjoy Bonding Through Office Bikers Club

The world of motorcycle biking is a world apart. From a mere hobby it has become a professional world, with rules, gear and branding.

What started off as a way to bond with other colleagues at Myntra, the leading fashion online portal, also had the potential of being a brilliant way to promote the brand everywhere the bikers would go.

Indeed, that was how the Myntra Bikers Club was born. Now each highway is a way to get closer to people you work with as well as promote the brand you’re working for.

Now, as the biking enthusiasts from Myntra traverse the length and breadth of the country, courtesy Myntra, which is investing in their achieving better mutual harmony, brand Myntra is also getting promoted to new buyers beyond the big cities, in smaller towns in tier-two and tier-three categories, in a unique way. Moreover, the clientale in these areas hold immense potential for Myntra as an online fashion portal brining global fashion to their doorsteps.

Back to the thrill of motorcycle biking, which cannot be described. The wind, the freedom, the roads, the green pastures – all beckon.

According to Gaffoor S.K, who is the Service Desk Lead at Myntra, as well as the person who began the Myntra Bikers Club, which is 90-member-strong today, recalls how it all began on 5 September, 2015, with the first ride to Lepakshi, in Andhra Pradesh. The distance travelled was 150 kms on NH 7.

The criteria for joining the Bikers Club? The onky thing required was enthusiasm for biking and a passion for the brand they work for, not to forget a valid license for an 150 cc or above motorbike.

The very first batch of employees from Myntra who drove on the ride, were wearing jackets from Myntra’s inhouse, hot-selling brand Roadster. For the sake of safety, bikers as well as pillion riders wore knee guards, gloves and helmets.

As of today, the Club has a membership of as many as 80-90 active members, who ride on 30-40 bikes per journey. Since the Indian summer is known for its heat and sultry conditions, most of the Club’s trips are preferably organized during the monsoon and winter. Now, 2-3 riding  expeditions are expected to happen during the March-May period, followed by about 10-12 rides beginning from the month of June.

All the departments at Myntra try to be a part of the Club and its activities. With numbers of Team MBC growing, there are plans to create their unique logo, bands, stickers and jackets.

The latest place they rode to was Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp, Karnataka on 28 January 2017. The next one will be to Yercaud in Tamil Nadu.

Gaffoor remembers the challenges posed by the first trip. At the time, the bikers were unaware of the biking rules, and had to learn how to co-ordinate with each other. But today, with seven trips under their belt, they feel more confident.

Asked to spell out a dream ride, the Club is unanimous that it would be from Bengaluru to Ladakh.


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