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She’s A Biker and She Rocks

Biking is an activity that has mostly been seen as a man’s indulgence. Society, social media etc. tend to uphold this often and, while not ostracized, favors women who don’t opt for it. In a regressive state of affairs like this, there are a few women who are breaking the norms by driving around on bikes like a badass.

But there should not be anything badass about a woman driving a motorbike. When a man drives it, we don’t necessarily term it as a badass achievement so why with women? Biking is an activity that requires a certain amount of interest and the women who are doing it are doing so out of love and passion for the activity.

Take actress Gul Panag for example. The Bollywood star spiced up her wedding by arriving in a motorbike with her groom instead of the traditional doli. She was also dressed up for the ceremony so imagine the trouble of moving around, let alone biking, proving that the stereotypes and ideas surrounding women drivers are just constructs.

Shabnam Akram, a 50 year old mother of two, is also an avid biker. Riding on the streets like a boss, Shabnam is proving that gender and age are just numbers. She started driving before biking became more of a fad and is involved in actively trying to pursue more women to take up biking. As she states, biking for women is not about commuting and such but about the freedom, power and control that the activity exuberates.

More and more women are taking up the mantle of becoming biking enthusiasts. Women like Roshni Misbah, Roshni Sharma and Veenu Paliwal have challenged the stereotypes around biking by bringing the activity to the masses. By normalizing it, they and all the women bikers have effectively managed to reduce the number of naysayers of women bikers. Women have also formed associations for bikers that help each other out and organize trips to bring the bikers together.

The number of women bikers has increased drastically all over the world, in the last decade. To address this increasing market to reach more women, Harley Davidson, the bike maker company, has introduced two new bike models- Street 500 and the Street 750. These vehicles are suited to women and can be used by any biking enthusiast.

One of the perks for those who are bikers is the mandatory leather jackets. Picture for a moment, you driving through the highway, the wind blowing through your hair and the leather jacket that adds to the experience of the authentic biker feel. Speaking of leather, if you are getting a jacket, you need boots to go with it as well. It’s the ultimate power combination for any biker, irrespective of gender.

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