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What Is White Label SEO and How It Works For Businesses

White Label SEO is when a company provides SEO service to a business without leaving traces of their own company on the end product. There are a lot of companies that provide SEO services while leaving their calling card at the footer of the website that they made. Although this is a good practice to do, many businesses nowadays are opting in for white label optimization.

When a business buys a service from an SEO reseller, they’re most likely looking for a full package unless they already have their own website. The reseller may be left in charge of assembling a team to create the content, registering the domain and even purchasing a web hosting. This will leave the business owners worry-free about their online presence.

Going White Label For Branding

If a business is a big enough of a brand, there’s going to be a lot of effort to be made to ensure that brand perception is at an all-time high. There can be no risks taken that can tarnish the brand. This includes products, employees and even the website. Though hiring an in-house staff to handle the SEO is possible, it sometimes costs a lot more to maintain in the long run.

With an SEO reseller, the business doesn’t have to keep a full team of SEO technicians on the payroll. This means that when their services are no longer required, the company can be negotiated to ending the contract much earlier for a settled amount. Most White Label SEO providers can also provide support and will usually have years of experience.

When the digital marketing services provided are branded using the name of the business and not the name of the SEO reseller, this can increase the barrier between customers and the providers of the business itself. Big corporations that sell products usually don’t produce and manufacture a majority of the items that they sell, they look for partners that can do it for them.

Going White Label For Security

Securing all the assets of a business is incredibly important nowadays. Letting a White Label SEO handle the complete search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click management and other facets of the digital marketing side of things is one of the best ways to ensure that the competition doesn’t have a public blueprint to follow.

If a business is in an industry where the amount of competition is dense, having the advantage over certain information and services may guarantee successes along the way. Even if the business operates in a front-facing model, knowing how to limit the amount of information that the customers know is important.

Reports made by the SEO provider may differ if they are a white label company. They can mark the reports using the logo of the business that they provide SEO auditing too. This saves the business the time and effort from having to change all of the brandings if they have to show the reports to their partners in the future.


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