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12 Turntable Terminologies Record Player Buyers Should Know

Many music lovers find that owning a Linn record player is an honor and a dream. There is something different and special about playing a vinyl record on a turntable, it sparks another level of emotion and connection to music. Before heading over to Linn audio to purchase a turntable for yourself, here are some must-know terminologies you must acquaint yourself with:

1: Audiophile

In layman’s terms, an audiophile is a person who is enthusiastic and passionate about the high-fidelity production of sound.

2: High-Fidelity

HiFi basically means that both the recording and listening process must be of the best quality. The standard of record quality must meet the following criteria:

Original music source must be recorded in a high-quality manner.

Must be pressed or mastered that meets the highest audio standards.

All recording must be played using a high-quality audio system that plays music cleanly.

3: Platter

The part of the turntable that spins. It is where the record is placed for playing. The platter has a slipmat that offers better noise isolation and a soft surface for the vinyl.

4: Plinth

This is the base of the turntable, it is responsible for holding everything together. The plinth comes with different systems for vibration isolation such as its rubber feet.

5: Needle/Stylus

When the needle hits the grooves’ walls while the record is spinning, it vibrates which captures the audio that stored on the vinyl.

6: Tonearm

Considered as the most important part of the turntable, the tonearm functions as a guide for the stylus. It makes sure that the needle sits perfectly on the record as it spins. This part must always be aligned properly, be balanced, and always adjusted for the correct height. A tonearm should move without resistance to prevent any conflicts.

7: Counterweight

This part sits on the back of the tonearm and balances the arm to ensure the perfect weight is applied to the needle.

8: Anti Skate Weight

This contraption dangles to provide a little lateral force that ensures the needle/stylus stays in the grooves’ center while the record is spinning. This part stops the arm from moving or skating freely across the vinyl.

9: Motor

No need to get fancy, the motor is responsible for making the turntable spin.

10: RPM

Rotations Per Minute or RPM is a setting that should be adjusted according to the record. Usually, the suggested speed varies between 33 or 45 RPM.

11: Amplifiers

The amplifiers, also known as the stereo system, are connected to the turntable to enhance the sound and volume of the music.

12: Rumbles/Vibrations

Rumbles and vibrations are the biggest enemies of HiFi turntables because they affect sound quality drastically. All unwanted vibrations should be addressed to ensure excellent sound quality that an audiophile will appreciate.

The More You Know, The Better

Whether you are planning to purchase Linn record players to experiment with vinyl records or you are planning to invest in Linn audio gear to begin your life as an audiophile, doing extra research helps. Knowing all the different parts of the turntable and their purpose will help music lovers take great care of their turntables and vinyl collection.


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