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What The Color And Decor Of Your House Reveal About You

Our home is the place where we can let our hair down and just be ourselves. It is a safe haven that brings peace and relaxation the moment we enter through the front doors. Aside from being a place of our own, the home is also an extension of who we are as a person; which is why the choice of colors, themes, and decor emphasizes our individuality and personality.

Here’s what your choice of home colors and decor say about you according to the Painting and Decorating Wimbledon based experts:

Shades of Red: Energetic And Passionate

Homes that have shades of red splashed everywhere typically show that the homeowner is very passionate about their lives and their interests. The different reds also emphasize the high levels of energy the homeowner has at any given time. It is safe to say that a home that uses red as their choice for color and decor wants to leave a bold and lasting statement on the minds of their guests.

Shades of Yellow: Creativity And Happiness

Yellow is a very bright and hard to miss color that is commonly associate with happiness and creativity. A homeowner who loves to decorate their home with yellow will undoubtedly be beaming with happiness. Even just the smallest splash of yellow in the house can spark creative thoughts and motivate a person to learn a new skill or try a new hobby.

Shades of Blue: Calm And Relaxed

Blue is a color known to relax the mind and the eyes the moment a person sees them. However, darker shades of blue are also linked to sadness and dreariness. Homeowners who prefer the color blue are usually introverted and prefer a relaxing and calm environment within their safe space and possibly beyond.

Shades of Green: Affectionate And Nature-Loving

It is no surprise that people who are naturally drawn to the different shades of green love the outdoors. Green decors usually have some plant patterns printed on them to mimic the outdoors. People who love this color and all of its shades show their affection towards other very easily and crave of the same affection in return. Loving green also shows you are connected to nature and find peace in a natural setting as opposed to city living.

Shades of Purple: Luxurious And Artistic

No other color comes close to luxury than purple and all of its different shades. Homeowners who love this color are known to splurge on expensive furniture that can be a little eccentric. It is an artists’ choice of color!

Personal Choice

While the painting and decorating Wimbledon experts might say that every color has its meaning, it is still up to you on what colors you want in your home. Mixing and matching all shades shows an open mind while white and black highlights simplicity and organization. In the end, it is all about creating a space that you love and nothing else.

Don’t ever be afraid to choose the colors you are most attracted to, it is your home you are decorating after all.


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