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8 Common Driving Emergencies And How To Survive Them

Driving is a life skill that is very useful for adults who want to live independent lives. As for teenagers, it is a rite of passage to finally enroll in their first driving lessons Croydon schools offer. Passing the test and finally getting your driver’s license is an accomplishment on its own, but it is not the only hurdle for motorists on the road.

Preparing for any driving emergency situation that you might encounter on the road can be the difference between life and death. Here are some common emergencies and how to handle them:

1. Blown Tire

Do not step on the breaks or make a turn. The best thing to do is to step on the gas pedal for a few seconds while continuing to drive straight on. This allows you to keep control of the vehicle, even if the tire is completely flat or blown out.

2. Gas Pedal Issues

A stuck gas pedal can cause a driver to panic. To prevent these issues, check that the floor mat isn’t loose. In the event that the gas pedal is stuck, shift the gears to neutral and find a safe and secluded spot to slowly decelerate.

3. Acceleration Accident

Stay calm and step on brakes. If this causes the car to speed up, switch your foot, you might have accidentally placed your foot on the gas instead of the brakes.

4. Brakes Fail

In cases where the brakes are no longer functioning as intended, pull on the handbrake as soon as possible to prevent any accidents.

5. Loss Of Traction

There are many reasons why a car’s tires can lose its traction while on the road. The most common causes can be due to snow, ice, and water on the road. To safely avoid accidents, steer the car into a skid and then apply brakes very lightly. Slowly, you will begin to feel traction again and you can straighten out the wheels once more.

6. Facing A Collision

When out of the blue a speeding vehicle is coming your way, get ready to make a swerve. It is always better to end up in a field or the side of the road than to face a speeding car head on.

7. Engine Catches Fire

Driving lessons Croydon experts all agree that the best thing to do when a vehicle’s engine catches fire is to pull off the road immediately. As soon as you have come to a full stop, turn off the engine, and get out. Walk as far as possible and call for expert assistance. Never stop the fire by yourself as this is very hazardous.

8. Dealing With Road Rage

Being stuck in traffic or being in a hurry can make a person angry while driving. In cases where someone is showing signs of road rage, stay calm and get out of the way. It is best to stay away from these reckless drivers than to put yourself in danger by confronting them.

Always remain calm in any of these situations because panicking does not help anyone. Remember what you have learned from your driving lessons and apply them during road emergencies.


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