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Osteoarthritis Treatment with Stem Cells in India

Osteoarthritis is categorized as a common, inflammatory joint disorder; one of the many, 100 different forms of arthritis. It is commonly defined as the progressive, degenerative condition; which is directly linked to the genetic or familial factors. The disease generally affects people, who are aged or overweight; however, there are varieties of risk factors that can be associated with the disease development. As a matter of fact, in spite of high prevalence and increased socio economic burden; there is still a lack of effective, alternative treatment; which can minimize the damage and manage the symptoms.

The human joints are made up of two bones in order to increase their mobility. The synovial fluid and cartilaginous bed are the two important parts of the human joints; which are necessary for shock absorption and frictional reduction. Because of the mechanical stress on weight bearing joints; considerable degeneration can be possible in cartilages, due to which, bones get readily exposed to friction and outer damage. As such, currently there are only rehabilitative treatments available, such as physiotherapy, exercise and consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, etc. However, long term exposure of these drugs can be equally harmful by creating secondary issues; such as infection. Whereas, the other rehabilitative options, cannot manage the symptoms or reverse the damage associated with the disease. Thus, alternative treatment option such as stem cells treatment is highly acclaimed due to its effectiveness, feasibility and ease of availability. Moreover, many reported cases have confirmed reduced progression of the disease; after the stem cells treatment.

Stem cells are the unique cells of human body, mainly involved in the development. These cells are present in dormancy in each, adult organ and come in picture, whenever a demand is being raised, likely in diseased conditions. There are different abundant sources available in our body itself, such as bone marrow and/or adipose tissues; which can spare their stem cells quota for clinical applications without any risk. These stem cells can be isolated outside the human body in a clean environment and can be processed further to obtain purified, enriched hematopoietic as well as mesenchymal stem cells. Hematopoietic stem cells can give rise to all blood cells, whereas mesenchymal stem cells can be easily differentiated into neurons, bones, cartilages, etc.

Thus, once these stem cells are purified, they can be infused back at the site of injury such as joints; in case of osteoarthritis to regenerate cartilaginous cells, promote blood vessel formation and restore the lost function back. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, these stem cells can also be helpful in reduction of inflammation to manage the pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Various clinical studies are ongoing, wherein lot many orthopaedic issues have been successfully solved with the application of autologous stem cells. These studies have reported reduction in pain, discomfort in the area of injury, after the stem cells treatment and hence are supporting it as a safe, effective and risk free alternative to painful knee replacement surgeries without any evidence of severe, adverse reaction in the scientific literature.


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