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4 ways to independently fund when going abroad for higher studies.

There are two ways of funding namely, funding yourself or from parents when going abroad for higher studies. Let me share some of my thoughts on this:

1. Minimum Wage

As soon as you land in the country where you are going to pursue higher studies, the fever for getting a part time job pitches in immediately. It is understandable that when you are searching for a job you might think that there are not enough jobs but in my experience I’ve to tell you that you can easily find one. Either with the help of other overseas students or by direct job applications you are there. At the same time with the minimum wage criteria, you need to work for more hours instead of 20 hours a week. Just a bit of a stretch you have possibility of saving much.

2. Parent Loan

Take a loan from your parents. The reason is your parents won’t file a suit on you and installments could be made flexible without legal issues. The way I am doing it is that you draft a legal agreement with your father set an amount that will be loaned and the time frame I will be granted to make monthly payments to pay off the loan. If it is within your means, start paying the moment you get back from being abroad or you can request to defer the payments until after graduation. Sign the form. Enjoy the loan!

3. Scholarships

There are many government and privately funded scholarships that can be obtained for studying abroad. Depending on your major or future career goals, there are even more opportunities to receive scholarships to pursue education abroad. Most university study abroad counselors should be able to provide a list of popular outside scholarships for you to consider. Along with that list, don’t forget to do some personal research yourself.

8. Economical cost of living

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing somewhere to higher studies is the cost of living in that city. Are they on the Euro? The Pound? The Swiss franc? The strength of their currency can have a serious impact on the amount of money (US Dollars) that you end up spending while abroad. Typically countries with a less valuable currency will have a lower cost of living which in turn, will allow you to save more.


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