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What is the role of opposition in Indian politics?

In Indian politics, opposition refers to the non-ruling party that standalone has secures at least 10 Percent of the seats. The ruling party for the session of 2014-2019 is BJP. However, there is no opposition party in this period because not a single party managed to secure 10 percent of the seats.

They have chalked out a definite framework of action to pursue the programmes and policies for which they stand. However, there are many parties which do not have any coherent programmes or policy to fall back upon. Their purpose is simply to aspire to come to power by hook or crook.

Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) was the official opposition party for the period of 2009-2014. Sushma Swaraj was the leader of opposition at that time. In recent time BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi won assembly elections of Utter Pradesh with 312 seats out of 403. However, Samajwadi Party is the opposition party in the state. In 16th Lok Sabha Elecions no Opposition Party received 10% membership of the house. The Single Largest Opposition Party currently is the Indian National Congress, with 45 Seats.

Key Role of Opposition Party 

Opposition party is as important as that of the ruling party in India. The opposition ensure that act of the ruling party are not harmful for public and nation at large. An equally strong and sensible opposition is a must and the main role of the opposition party in the parliament is basically to keep check and balance on the ruling party, thereby not being totally antagonistic.

The opposition parties try to co-operate among themselves over particular issues but most of the time they waste their time in blaming each other instead of playing the role of check and balance to correct democratic practices in the favor of the nation.

Most important job of the opposition party is to constantly ask questions on the acts of ruling party. A good Opposition can put the spotlight on serious topics and have them resolved quickly.

Sometimes, There are occasions on which oppositions agree with the government. If the solution proposed by the ruling party has wide support and in favourable of public,then Opposition have to agree with that.


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