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Outdoor Teak Chairs

A most affordable teak piece of furniture is the armchair. If you are looking for something to warm up your front porch or patio the armchair is most appropriate. Two armchairs with a table in between would be very stylish and practical. It is a great place to relax and read a book or even enjoy a refreshing glass of wine with a friend. The armchair is most attractive as it features the grain of the wood which makes it just as appropriate in the indoors as it is in the outdoors. If you are not comfortable with the armchair, perhaps a side chair would be appropriate for you.

Teak chairs offer a variety of seating options. If you desire to save some space there are stackable chairs that offer many options of use. One has the option of using them on the patio or in the garden. They are also lovely inside the house as well. They are as durable as any chair can be in even the toughest conditions. The ideal number here is four. That is just about enough to have another couple over and sit by the pool while the children are swimming. It also works for just inviting another couple for a relaxing evening of conversation. When you are done using them just stack them up to store them out of the way. Four is just the right number for the stacking option and one is adding timeless style to your backyard or pool without cluttering it up.

If one is not comfortable leaving your chairs outside there are teak chairs that fold up. They offer all the benefits of the stackable chairs and are great for that extra seating for your guests. They are meant for yachts, apartment balconies, or small spaces such as these. These chairs are very durable and economical and work great around a table. One nice thing about the foldable chairs are they are able to push in under the table as sometimes an arm chair is unable to do that. The ease of storage is what attracts many to this type of chair.

Teak is very durable and will last a lifetime, but you need to care for it. It needs to be cleaned at least once a year. Cleaning is just washing it and letting it dry and applying oil if it needs it. Taking good care of your teak furniture will be you own reward. Ease of care is explained at


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