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Hemp, the Worlds Most Highly Used and Beneficial Plant

The cannabis family tree at some point in time branched off into two different segments. The first segment is Industrial Hemp which is the non-drug version of the plant and has an estimated 50,000 uses. The other segment of the cannabis family tree would be marijuana which contains the psychoactive component THC or the derivative Marinol, which makes marijuana a drug and has been used for medicinal purposes since 8,000 BC.

The common knowledge taught in our history classes was that rice, wheat and potatoes were the main crops of the world for specific regions and civilizations which enabled them to grow and thrive. However, nowhere in history were we taught about the cannabis family tree.

Hemp or marijuana was never mentioned, but hemp was one of the first crops planted on American soil and was used for 150 years up until the 1930's. Both hemp and marijuana were criminalized in 1937 and coincidentally, America fell into a depression that would last for years. We certainly don't believe that the growing of hemp and marijuana caused our economy to flourish prior to the great depression.

Unlike corn and tobacco, hemp can be planted and it will remove radio activity from the soil and at the same time return nutrients and nitrogen back into the soil. It's a year round crop and highly drought resistent. It is resistent to pests and diseases unlike rice, wheat and potatoes. One acre of hemp produces more oxygen than 25 acres of current forest.

The hemp seeds contain the highest concentration of fatty amino acids and would help alleviate hunger around the world.

There are more that 250 illnesses and diseases that medical marijuana can treat and it's cousin, industrial hemp has some 50,000 uses and benefits. Recently, all 50 states have legalized CBD hemp oil to treat inflammation, MS, Parkinson's and various other neurological disorders.

Currently there are thirteen states in America who allow medical marijuana as well as the countries of Austria, Belgium, Canada, Israel, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Spain. Recently we've passed legislation allowing 3 states to again start producing Industrial Hemp to bring its benefits back into America's way of life. Unfortunately negative myths and stereotypes of the past still maintain a strong hold on current views and times. For the negative myths and stereotypes regarding marijuana and it's use, why then are there 13 states allowing medicinal marijuana (the drug), but only 3 states that allow industrial hemp (the non-drug).

Until the Federal Government differentiates between hemp and marijuana as two separate plants with different uses, these myths and stereotypes will continue to deny all Americans what America so direly needs. We as a society must enlighten and uplift our country with the knowledge of hemp and marijuana, and we must pass it on to others.


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