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Partnership for Glory and Success

When you have been in the market for 20 years, you depend on others in order to succeed and build your brand. Present for a lustrous 20 years in the Indian market and counting, McDonald’s success story has been a result of the tireless effort of its suppliers and partners, without whom this mass enterprise wouldn’t have been as successful as it is in the Indian subcontinent.

From its very first outlet in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, McDonalds has progressed to almost 250 outlets and counting and hopes to double that number by 2020 as they expand into tier 2 and tier 3 cities across India. All of this effort and this enterprise has seen success through various partners. After all, united we stand and divided we fall.

Bhupinder Singh, CEO of Vista Processed Foods, recently sat down to talk about this partnership. McDonalds and Vista Processed Foods have been partners since Day 1 of McDonalds. Vista Processed Foods provide most vegetable and meat based products to McDonalds including, but not limited to, the delicious patties in between the burger slices. They pride in the fresh produce that they provide to the company. Vista Foods has also developed the entire logistics based on McDonald’s demands and growth through the last 20 years. Bhupinder also spoke about the challenges faced when McDonald’s first came to India, how there were no cold chains, the poultry industry was difficult to partner due to lack of size and resources and how they had to go and setup farms in order to meet McDonald’s and industry health standards withy their produce. He acknowledged the symbiotic relationship between the two companies and hoped that all of the efforts of the last 20 years would carry over to the future as they build an even stronger and dependable partnership.

Manitowoc Food Service has been associated with McDonalds since their inception. Gaurav Sharma is the Key Account Manager from Manitowoc Food Service who handles McDonalds which happens to be one of their biggest clients. Manitowoc Food Service provides McDonalds with the fry master fryers, the Manitowoc ice machines, ultra-high cabinet storage UFCHD and heating cladding zones. They find pride in being associated with a brand like McDonalds as McDonalds believes in procuring the best of services in order to provide the best to their customers, in terms of health and hygiene. McDonalds is also a technologically conscious brand and they use the best of technology for their food, something that Manitowoc prides in being able to create, procure and provide.

Being a lustrous and good rated company consistently is a tough task, especially in the fast food industry. Every year, new players are entering the market and McDonalds needs to redefine themselves and improve every year to stay on top, something that they have mastered for the last 77 years. That is why, McDonald’s values and appreciates its partners and associates who help, push and strive to keep McDonalds the undisputed best among the rest all over India.


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