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Diversity Makes McDonald’s An Exciting Place To Work

One of the first things you notice about a McDonald’s restaurant is the warm ambience, the colourful walls and furniture, the continuous flow of customers, and the friendly staff.

McDonald’s India (West & South) has made sure that the restaurant is not only exciting for the customers who walk in but for the employees as well. Because, only if employees are happy to come to work, can the customers be happy too.

In this context, conscious creation of diversity has been an objective. For this purpose, the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) has put in a lot of effort to hire as well as train people from varied backgrounds – using the criteria of sex, background and mother tongue. McDonald’s is not merely hiring an increasing number of youth from two-and-three-tier cities, it is also hiring people from tribal backgrounds, in collaboration with NGOs.

Why diversity? Because diversity leads to variety in thought and attitude, which results in an invigorating atmosphere. That logically translates into better productivity and greater success.

McDonald’s has made use of the buzzwords Fun, Flexibility and Future for creating a blueprint for its employees. Fun defines the liveliness that is visible in a McDonald’s restaurant, Flexibility is the freedom to choose your workshift, and Future relates to the many growth opportunities that exist in the restaurant and beyond.

McDonald’s is also aware that its employees need to be trained in soft skills if they are to please its customers, the main focus of the company. For this, it uses ADEPT, or the Adaptive Employee Personality Test, one of the most advanced adaptive personality and potential assessment tests available. ADEPT helps the company’s employees to give the best service.

ADEPT is rated as the most advanced adaptive personality and potential assessment available in the world. It consists of 15 dimensions - 10 are based directly on the well-validated ‘Five Factor’ personality model and an additional five stem from decades of research.

ADEPT has helped graduate the Company’s employees into the most sought-after talent in the country’s QSR sector. Besides, a regimented five-step recruitment process ensures effective screening.

McDonald’s, when it assessed its own performance for the year 2015-16, summed up that the restaurant had, indeed, evolved into an exciting workplace, one of its main objectives. Its own belief was further reciprocated when the McDonald’s company was awarded Number One position for the Retail Segment in the ‘Great Places to Work’ Survey for the year 2015.

Westlife, the company that runs the McDonald’s franchise in West & South India, believes that the company provides growth opportunity, talent development, leadership skills training and awards achievement. The company believes that a team of well-trained individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences working in an invigorating environment, drives engagement, which is essential to its success.

The Company says in a statement: “We inspire our employees to feel that their work has a larger meaning than just a job. Our programs are designed to reinforce the Company’s values, mission, vision, etc. We adopt practices that showcase the value of our work for customers and society. We foster pride in employees in themselves, in the service they provide and in their company.

At Westlife, a comprehensive performance appraisal system evaluates employees and identifies enhanced productivity opportunities. The performance review rates managers across QSC, sales, profits, staffing, administration, people development and retention, decision-making, enthusiasm, adaptability, planning, sensitivity, communications skills, leadership and additional responsibilities.


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