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The Princess and The Pea’s Pea

Today we talk about peas. The humble all-rounder vegetable. It is found everywhere in the world, as varied dishes and Cuisines. The first pea grew some 3000 years ago in Thailand. It featured heavily in French and Asian cuisine at first, but become popular around the world. The UK for example, is in love with peas, with each person in Britain consuming 9000 peas a year.

Peas have made appearances in popular culture around the world as well, with the most famous of them being the children’s story book, “The Princess and the pea” and “Paddington Peas” a British TV show.

Coming down to pea as a nutrition and super food, the pea isn’t humble at all in this department. A serving of peas has more vitamin C than two apples and stores fiber that is more than a slice of whole meal bread. But it’s most recognized for its properties that prevent stomach cancer. So if you are health conscious or watching your weight say hello to peas.

Peas have a very important place in a vegetarian diet. It is one of the basic vegetarian source of proteins and is versatile enough to fit into many recipe. The most famous pea recipes are English peas, pea soup and mushy peas in the UK and our very own pea pulao, aloo matter and matter kachori in India. The pea can be spotted all over the place in our foods and diets. In salads, curries, snacks and even our favorite McDonald’s burgers!

When McDonalds came to India, they realized the immensity of the scale of operations that would get McDonald’s India its daily supply of premium green peas, Vista Foods, which supplies peas, entered into a partnership with Punjab Agro to procure India’s first Green Pea Combined Harvester. The Harvester brings multiple advantages over manual picking: It dramatically reduces the labour involved in picking peas, helps de-pod at the farm itself, identifies foreign objects and helps separate them from the produce using an air-blower, uses optical sorters to size-grade, and allows the pea residue to be used as green manure. The selected peas are then flash-frozen during a two-and-a-half-hour time span. The rush to get the peas into the freezer is to ensure that no quality is lost in its journey from a field-fresh vegetable to a frozen pea. It is interesting to know that the peas used to make a veg patty at McDonald’s burger cannot be more than 10 mm in diameter. Otherwise, they will either stick out of the patty or break them. The smaller peas that make the selection, also need to have just the right amount of sweetness that a McDonald’s patty is known for.

The peas in a McDonald’s patty are the tastiest and the freshest possible. Yes! Frozen peas are put on ice very soon after being picked (within three hours) and the flavor is therefore superior to that of fresh peas that are picked even a couple of days before. So head to you nearest McDonald’s and this time really taste the peas in a McVeggie, Veg Maharaja Mac, Wraps and McPuff!


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